Do Your Eyebrows Shape Your Face?

All you need to know about eyebrow waxing

Our eyebrows frame our face. Their shape and upkeep directly affect our appearance and the image we portray. This is why the effectiveness of brow waxing is determined by several techniques and factors such as studying the shape of the face, analysing the characteristics and expressions of the face and correctly and safely removing the hair.

As a general rule, and regardless of trends, eyebrow design should be intended to enhance the facial features of the client and to create a clean and uncluttered look that frames the eyes, bringing out their natural beauty.

If you want flawless results, go to a professional who will impeccably use a technique that gives you a brow design to match your facial features. 

Do you want to learn about our keys to successful brow waxing? Take note:

  • We use precision equipment: it is as important to use the best materials as it is to be familiar with the technique. In this sense, our precision spatulas with the bevelled end and our die-cut tweezers are the greatest tools for perfect brow shaping.
  • Before treatment, we strive to find out about our clients' health, asking if they are taking any medication that may enhance the hypersensitivity of the skin, and examining the area to avoid waxing over a wound, erythema or eczema.
  • We take extra care with safety and hygiene measures to guarantee an aseptic treatment.
  • Cerazyme DNA Mask Wax & Hot waxes are perfect for this kind of waxing, since they adhere perfectly to the hair, but not to the skin. This makes them ideal for sensitive zones and areas that are considered soft and tender, such as eyelids.
  • Before removing the hair we use the five-line brow design, marking out the area to wax using a white pencil liner.
  • After waxing we apply the Gold Concentrate serum or similar hair retardants to impair and slow down hair growth. And afterwards, Soothing Cream, or after wax calming lotion to soften and soothe the area.


Depileve Wax Warmer 400g

Cerazyme 400g wax

Waxing + Skin Care Treatment

Depilève presents the fourth generation of no-strip wax with the most advanced biotechnological active ingredients to rejuvenate and restore youthfulness and firmness to the skin, combining it with the most effective hair removal available until now, in turn creating the first concept of Skin Care Epilation.

Cerazyme is the first waxing system that looks after the skin, combining effective and pain-free waxing with exclusive cosmetic treatments for the face and body, offering a unique beauty salon experience.

The Cerazyme patented technology uses exclusive ingredients for skin care and cell regeneration. When hot wax is applied to the skin, the pores open and allow the active ingredients to reach even the deepest layers of the skin.

his pearly resin has been formulated with mica and titanium dioxide to spread easily into a thin layer and cover large areas of the body. It is perfect for dry or cracked skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory and soothing action. The gems contained in its formula make it effective for tough hair, and also silky smooth on the skin. It has a creamy texture and floral fragrance.

Other active ingredients:

  • Rosin. Natural pine resin used for its adhesive properties.
  • Mineral Oils: Work as plasticising agents in the wax.
  • Vegetable Oil: This a natural emollient (softening action).
Pearl Wax 400g

Precision Applicator

A revolutionary design of a flat spatula with slanted edge for precise application of facial wax. Perfectly sculpts the desired amount of wax onto the tiniest areas, making it the essential tool to achieve a perfect brow

Useful Tips

Before waxing, apply a small amount of Oil Cleanser on the palms of your hands to enhance the adherence of the strips.

Facial Strips


Reserved for Beauty Professionals