COFFRET DNA Cronologie (4 Treatments)

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ANESI introduces DNA CRONOLOGIE high performance professional treatment formulated with the most recent scientific cosmeceutical complexes that repair and conserve the SKIN'S YOUTH CODE. Includes DNA Filaments, Thymulen a bio mimetic peptide derived from the youth hormone. Two potent lifting ingredients, Polilift and Vegetensor, for a dramatic facial surge. This unique treatment is reinforced with Algae Codium, Tomentosum and Allantoin to deeply repair from within, minimize wrinkle formation, and unify the skin tone to recuperate firmness and elasticity while slowing down the ageing process.

DNA Filaments (4 sachets of 3ml)
DNA Crystal Mask (4pcs)
DNA Cronologie (4 sachets of 5ml)
Cell-EGF (4 sachets of 3ml)

Reserved for Beauty Professionals